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INSPIRING BLOG POST – Midway Checkpoint Testimonial

After meeting with Megan during our preliminary call, I was the most motivated I had ever been about my health. I left the call letting her know that I would sleep on the decision. Though, looking back, I’m pretty sure I was convinced immediately. I discussed the program with my wife, a couple close friends, and my parents. Then, called Megan back, paid the fees, and got to work.

Looking back, I don’t know how I got so lucky. I’m three months into this program. I’ve lost almost 20 pounds. I’ve decreased so much inflammation (as an example, for the past seven or eight years, I’ve had an audible “click” in my throat when swallowing. It was gone after 1.5 months into this program), my anxiety/depression has improved, I have less “moody” days, I have more energy, and I am rediscovering a newfound love of the environment and earth, the list goes on and on.

It feels like a miracle. I just ate a bowl of popcorn (previously, popcorn would give me stomach bloating), a serving of my favorite kombucha (previously, kombucha would give me gas and heartburn), and had veggie soup for dinner and I feel AMAZING. Like I had stated to Megan on one of my first meetings, I was scared of food. Now, I’m loving rediscovering some favorites I haven’t dared try in well over a decade.

Now, Megan and I have our sights set on mind work and exercise. These two things are integral to the success of a healthy mind and body. Three months of healing, introspection, education, and motivation. I’m three months into a six month program, but I’m just starting my new life and lifestyle. I can’t wait to keep improving, keep learning, and keep becoming a better version of myself each and every day.

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I have and would recommend working with Megan because she is overall mind, body and wellness. She is very kind and easy to work with. Never felt pressure and I was forced to do something. She explained things in detail when asked, she took the time to make sure I understood and walked away from meetings comfortable. The labs are definitely eye opening into your health and then knowledge of exercises, my cycle, and how foods play into it all is great.

I was surprised at how little I knew about my hormones and cycle. I learned from Megan about foods, exercises and more for the different phases of my cycle and most of all to be easy on myself when needed. I learned about the varying exercises that can help me to keep weight on and why. I’ve learned so much more about balancing my meals and how I feel when I do that vs. not. I had a pretty good overall healthy lifestyle but even the smallest tweaks can make big changes in things.

Focusing on my gut health and knowing what we know from my labs made the biggest impact on me. I was having gut issues for years and so far in a few months I feel so much better and am not getting reoccurring symptoms I was previously.


This program is an important and necessary investment. There are so many things I thought I knew about my own health habits but I finally got legitimate labs back, simple life resets, and info I didn’t know I needed like sleep education. Megan is such a positive light, especially in such a predominant negative environment that I was in. She is extremely patient and goes out of her way to make sure you understand everything and are sticking to your goals.

Megan taught me how to change my mindset which was the biggest surprise to me. After taking the lab test I was glad to get my results and start making moves to get my gut microbiome in a healthier state. I have found new energy and excitement for working out, sticking to my nutrition goals, and living an all around healthier lifestyle.

The mental mindset. That isn’t something most people will realize or can do on their own and Megan has made me positive and way more aware of how I feel and what I think, especially not reacting to outside forces.

Sometimes as life gets busy I feel like I need another call or reminder to stay on track – a call once a week wasn’t enough for me however Megan made herself available to me when I needed her!


We did energy work, a GI Map Test, and Hormone Test. I was so happy to get testing to see what was going on. It was so informative and the changes we made stopped my stomach issues and lowered energy levels. I was also surprised how accurate the energy work was!

I was surprised at the health of my gut. I had always thought of myself as a healthy person and had been on a vegan diet for a couple years. However, I was shocked once I realized how much sugar and gluten I was consuming. The program was very eye opening.

After the GI map Test, the supplements and diet changes made a world of difference! If you want to invest in yourself, you need to actually do that. This is one of the best ways to do so.

I like the scientific stuff behind all the energy work so I would like to learn more about that.