My Story: Part 2

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Hey there! I know I left you guys with a cliff hanger from my previous story. I suggest you read part 1 of my story in my previous blog post. To give you a recap, I was a sick baby/child. I was on antibiotics for everything and had my tonsils removed at the age of five due to reoccurring strep throat infections. What I didn’t know at that time, the antibiotics were killing all the healthy good gut bacteria in my gut which keeps the immune system strong and functioning at optimal levels fighting off infection.

To pick up where I left off, I had horrible monthly cycles. At the age of 15, the second a drop of blood would fall, I would break out in a cold sweat and faint. This scary situation happened one day as I was walking back to Spanish class. I excused myself to go to the bathroom and fell to the floor. My mom was the high school nurse at the time, but conveniently took the day off. My dad came to pick me up, as they wheeled me to the front of the school. My parents did what any parents would do, they took me to see a doctor. The doctor put me on a birth control pill, which is a common band-aid for irregular or painful menstrual cycles…it’s what they are taught in school and by the pharmaceutical companies.

Over the course of 8 years, this pill seemed to be the magic pill! I was thrilled to have less PMS systems without the embarrassment or pain every month! I was one happy camper until the pill started making go crazy! I was an emotional wreck! I would call my mom crying for no apparent reason. As a result, I decided to get off the pill…I mean who wants to come off as a crazy emotional basket case when you’re trying to meet the man of your dreams?! To my surprise, I didn’t have a period for 9 months, and believe me there was no way in hell I was pregnant…if you know what I mean…remember I was trying to meet the man of my dreams! I was told by a doctor that I had lazy ovaries…how scary is that? I was in my early 20’s for goodness sake! Naturally, my mind started to stress out even more! Will I be able to have babies?… I love babies….I’m meant to be mom! At that time, I was also diagnosed with an under-active thyroid disorder and came down with Epstein Barr Virus. I was hormonally imbalanced, gaining weight, emotionally frustrated, and sick! Oh and did I meantion I had cystic acne aka the painful under the skin pimples which made me feel ugly and undesirable! No wonder I wasn’t meeting the man of my dreams! I was adding to my mental stress thinking I was a hot ugly mess! 🙁

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I knew I needed to make some changes therefore, I decided to take charge of my health. I begin eating healthy or what I though was “healthy” at the time (calorie restriction and artificial crap/chemicals) and working out like a crazy woman. What I didn’t know at the time, I was actually doing more harm than good. I was filling my system with chemicals and burning out my adrenals from working out way too much! Both of these nasty habits end up creating more imbalance within the body. Thanks to my health guru momma, she suggested I get on bio-identical hormones which regulated my cycles, but I stayed on them too long for my age. Over time I took the holistic health route and started to heal myself naturally. I wanted to find out the “WHY” I was so sick and I wanted to stop slapping on band-aids! It all starts with gut health! My gut health was compromised as a kid, and never completely healed due to the birth control, my diet, and lifestyle! This takes time; it’s definitely not an overnight fix.

Today, I’m proud to say I have regular cycles…I am my ideal weight…I am emotionally sane most of the time and, I have way more energy! I will say, staying balanced is a work in progress. There are so many pieces to the puzzle and things we are faced with that can disrupt our hormones- from stress to chemicals in the environment, our products, & foods. I’ve learned balance is key, and I’ve learned to be really in tune with my body  being aware of the signs it’s giving me! I am graceful and grateful with all my body has been through and what it will go through in the future!  This is why I’m so incredibly passionate about helping others find out their “WHY”!  I’ve been through it and what to help as many people as possible! I’d love to hear how I can help you if you’re wanting support on your journey!





Megan Garza

Megan Garza

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