Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods

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Do all the fad diets cause you to stress out about which you should be eating? Who do we believe? What should we eat and how much should we eat of it? YIKES! I’ve been there and tried that. Take a breath and lets dive into one basic area of focus…ALKALINE vs. ACIDIC FOODS. You might think yeah yeah…I know I should be eating these foods but here’s an explanation of why you should be eating these healthy foods and eliminating the not so healthy foods.

pH based scale measures from 14 (alkalinity) to 0 (acidity). Water having a pH level of 7.

Ideally the body wants to be a pH of 7.365, slightly more alkaline. There are different pH levels in the body, the stomach being the most acidic to help break down foods for digestion while the small intestine slightly leaning more towards alkaline. The body wants to be in a state of ease not dis-ease. Leaning more to either side can effect the body in different ways, therefore, balance is key!

Examples of alkaline foods include:
1. Fresh fruits & vetables
2. Plant-based proteins
3. Most seeds & nuts
4. Anti-inflammatory herbs & spices (ie: oregano, ginger, turmeric…) 5. Olive oil

Examples of acidic foods include:
1. Dairy
2. Processed meats
3. Refined greens
4. Processed foods & junk food
5. Caffeine & alcohol

Bottom line- acidic foods have been known to cause disease in the body. Our goal is to have balanced pH levels, therefore, we should be including more #alkalinefoods in our diet!

FUNNY FACT: the day this picture was taken I was planning on getting fresh produce but totally forgot to. I used what I had! This is what happens when we let REAL FOOD sit out even for a short period of time. This is what REAL FOOD is supposed to do…aka no chemicals on the ingredient list…just plain old collard greens! Processed foods can go days, weeks, months without spoiling….that my friends is NOT REAL FOOD…take a guess which way processed food would lean on this pH scale! HA! Choose wisely!
Ready…set…go get alkalined!

Sending all warm wellness wishes!



Megan Garza

Megan Garza

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