80/20 Mindset Rule

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80/20 Rule CHALLENGE 

What if you took the focus off of the 20% that’s bringing negativity and stress into your world?

Instead commit to putting ALL your focus on the 80% of the good in your life?

Living in a state of STRESS (both internal and external) causes the body to remain in





Healing happens when the body is at a state of ease.

Give yourself permission to release what is causing stress. Whether that’s unhealthy food, resistance to working out, staying up late, unhealthy relationships, say yes to things you really want to say no to, and not keeping commitments to yourself. 

Reset the mind.

Invest in yourself by hiring a coach and run functional labs to seek hidden stress. Hidden stress can include (hormone, immune system, digestive system, detoxification system, energy production, and nervous system). 

Then, take your healing journey one step at a time. 

And, enjoy the heck out of every single blessing you have been given. Oh and don’t forget to have fun! That’s a big part of reducing stress in the mind and body! 



Megan Garza

Megan Garza

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