Megan Warren is a Holistic Health & Life Coach who empowers individuals to live their most healthy and energetic lives through a mission-focused approach that maximizes impact and minimizes burn out.

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Megan Warren

Megan’s career began in education, where she spent nine years in one of the largest school districts in Texas. She started as a teacher, before being promoted to department chair and head mentor to new teachers, and she ultimately landed a coveted instructional coach position, where she coached and mentored faculty members. She had her “dream job.”

Throughout this rapid ascent, Megan experienced the early warning signs of burnout and exhaustion caused by stress. When it was time to sign her employment contract for the tenth year, those early warning signs had turned into a “Check Engine Immediately” light. She began to self-assess and realized her body was screaming for her to slow down and make self-care a priority.

Megan’s holistic wellness journey made such an impact on her health and life that she was called to a new career in holistic wellness. She was compelled to use her educational background and personal health & wellness journey to teach others to take control of their health.

 A teacher and researcher at heart, Megan utilizes an integrative platform that uncovers the root cause of body imbalances and mind blocks to guide clients how to confidently accomplish health and life goals.  

Megan’s whole-body approach uses advanced lab testing to determine the root cause of symptoms, and based on the test results, she creates customized protocols that optimize her clients’ overall health through nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, and natural supplementation.

Megan is a firm believer that one size does NOT fit all when it comes to health; we all come in different shapes and sizes and from unique backgrounds, and a true holistic approach takes everything into consideration.

The body and mind are integrated, and Megan’s protocols work to harmonize the two. This is done by reducing inflammation and supporting optimal weight, digestion, hormone balance, and energy levels, while addressing the mental and emotional blocks that can perpetuate patterns and behaviors which limit optimal wellness and sustainable lifestyle habits.

Health has never been more important than it is today, and Megan is a true ally for her clients in their desire to optimize their health and lives.  

My unique approach can help with a variety of health concerns


  • Weight gain
  • Digestion issues
  • Low energy & fatigue
  • Thyroid & autoimmune conditions
  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety/Depression
  • Brain fog
  • PMS & Period Problems
  • Mental/Emotional Stress
  • Sustainable behavior change

Working with me is a perfect match for you


  • Diets and exercise are NOT getting you the results you desire
  • You want to get the root of your symptoms
  • You suspect that something 'isn't right' with your body
  • You want a natural & holistic approach to wellness
  • You want to create sustainable habits
  • You want to understand your body and know what's best for optimal wellness
  • You are open to doing deeper integrated mind/body work
  • You are ready to radiate confidence and love your body

Why should you work with me?

Do you have symptoms, like headaches, digestion issues, or weight gain? Are you tired of hearing everything looks normal but not feeling your BEST? When you’re eating healthy and working out but still not seeing results or feeling your best, frustration can take over,causing a feeling of defeat. The truth is the body is complex, and stress within the body causes malfunction known as metabolic chaos.  Internal and external stress can come from everyday life, food sensitives, environmental toxins, and pathogens, to name a few.

 As a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner, I strive to find the root cause of malfunction within the body. I focus on correlating main health complaints with lab results by seeking HIDDEN stressors in the body.

Success in any arena is a byproduct of commitment, and I work with clients who are committed to making their health a priority by opting into a self-care model and ultimately becoming their BEST BALANCED selves.  I design holistic, drug free protocols to heal imbalances, help people reclaim their vitality, and unleash their inner badass! 

Are we a good match?

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